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Potassium Nitrate

Potassium Nitrate

Potassium Nitrate Potassium Nitrate is colorless and transparent rhombic crystals or white powder. The relative density is 2.109 and the melting point is at 334°C. Potassium Nitrate decomposes at 400°C and turns into potassium nitrite releasing oxygen and then in continuous heat turns into burnt potash. Potassium Nitrate is highly soluble in water, liquid ammonia and glycerine but insoluble in anhydrous alcohol and diethyl ether. It can not deliquesce in the air. As strong oxidizer, Potassium Nitrate will burn and explode when meeting with organics releasing irritant gas. If mixed with carbon powder or sulfur, Potassium Nitrate burns with strong light.

Potassium Nitrate Specifications:
1) Molecular Formula: KNO3
2) Molecular Weight: 101.11
3) Physicochemical Properties: KNO3 is the rhombic system crystal powder or grain
4) Specific Density: 2.1109
5) Melting Point: 333°C. While heated up to as high as 400°C, it will decompose and release oxygen and turn into nitrite potassium, then with the heating going on, it will eventually decompose into potassium oxide and nitrogen oxide. Dissolved in water (20°C, 13.3g/100g H2O; 30°C, 45.8g/100H2O; 100°C, 246.0g/100gH2O); soluble in liquid ammonia and glycerin, insoluble in alcohol.

Potassium nitrate can be classified as poatssium nitrate industrial grade, potassium nitrate food grade, potassium nitrate food grade

Potassium Nitrate Application:
Potassium Nitrate Industrial Grade:
Potassium Nitrate KNO3 is used raw material to make black powder, front line, blaze and some other things. In pottery and porcelain industry, it can be used in making color ceramic glaze; Potassium Nitrate also can be used in making glass clarifier, the auto dynamo glass ,optical glass and kinescope glass.

Potassium Nitrate Pharmaceutical Grade:

Potassium Nitrate is used in making medicine such as penicillin sylvine and rifampicin. It can be used as mill run medicament.

Potassium Nitrate Food Grade:

Edible Potassium Nitrate can be used as chromogen and preservatives in meat food.