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Methanol Identification: Potassium Nitrate

Common synonyms: Methyl alcohol, wood alcohol, meths
Formula: CH3OH
Physical Properties
Form: colourless liquid with a characteristic smell
Stability: Stable, but very flammable
Melting point: -98 C
Boiling point: 64.7 C
Flash point: 11 C
Explosion limits 6% - 36%
Water solubility: miscible in all proportions
Specific gravity: 0.79

Methanol Application:

Methanol, a common laboratory solvent, is especially useful for HPLC, UV/VIS spectroscopy, and LCMS due to its low UV cutoff.Methanol is used on a limited basis to fuel internal combustion engines. Pure methanol is required by rule to be used in Champcars, Monster Trucks, USAC sprint cars (as well as midgets, modifieds, etc.), and other dirt track series, such as World of Outlaws, and Motorcycle Speedway.
Methanol Handling:
1. Always wear safety glasses.
2. Remove any source of ignition from the working area. Don't forget that a hot air gun, a hot plate or even a radiator may be sufficiently hot to ignite the vapour.
You should not breathe in the vapour, so use a fume cupboard if available. If this is not possible, ensure that the area in which you work is very well ventilated.